Youth Leadership Academy

Developing entrepreneurial mindset across disciplines


The Leadership Academy will be a yearlong immersion program where students will spend an hour every weekend learning from top CEOs, academics, artists, scientists and policy makers. This experience is designed to complement conventional schooling, spark curiosity and propel ambitious students to build their category of one. In the inaugural cohort of the program we will work closely with 100 students and help them identify their core strengths and equip them with the knowledge, network and mental models to build meaningful careers in the twenty-first century. 


Critical Thinking


This weekly enrichment programme will bring together some of the best faculty members and will create a immersive learning environment in which they will get access to - 

1. Live sessions with faculty members 
2. Learning resources to practice 
3. Personalised guidance and feedback to improve and get better
4. A community of other curious and ambitious students to learn with 
We thought long and hard about each theme and decided to double down on ideas that are timeless. Students need more than just test preparation to succeed, and we are there to bridge the gap between talent, opportunity and potential, not only for students who are inclined towards math and science but also towards the poets, artists and activists. 

The twenty-first century will be all about solving "problems without passports". That is the one big lesson from the pandemic for all of us. It behooves us to train our students in the art and science of radical collaboration so that they are able to emerge as the leaders of tomorrow. By training 100 of the most promising students of India, we want to create a new normal for learning that prioritizes collaboration over competition, learning over test preparation, and community leadership over individualistic pursuits. 

The Youth Leadership Academy also involves students participating on a web-based collaborative playground for K-12 students named as PolyUp, where students build 3D simulations of innovative solutions connecting curricular Math to Computer Science, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship. We will prepare them for the innovation economy at PolyUp Innovation Hub, which is a community that allows participating students to build and grow their own startups, develop prototypes and launch products. Students also get to join weekly Poly Talks and receive tips and advice from world-renowned innovators and entrepreneurs.

Lead Faculty

Lakshmi Pratury
Founder and CEO of INK
Utkarsh Amitabh
Founder and CEO of Network Capital
Amir Zarkesh
Co-Founder and CEO of PolyUp

Who is the Leadership Academy for?

School students between the ages of 12 to 18 years 

Open for school students from all across the world.

Young champions who want to refine their leadership skills

Young innovators & entrepreneurs who want to grow their ideas



Introduction to Writing
Building your Writing OS
Coming up with initial ideas
Your 'invisible audience'
The power of endings
Removing the fluff
Pitching to a publisher
Processing feedback

Critical Thinking

Identifying problem statements
Thinking like a contrarian
Introducing 'Ikigai' and the power of curiosity
Creating your 'Category of One' and addressing competition
The art of iteration & processing feedback
Leadership & communication for entrepreneurship
Validating your idea & solution
Building the right team & collaboration


Introduction to Working with Stories
Building Group Dynamics (Creating a Storytelling Community)
History of Storytelling
Storytelling Technique (How Stories Work)
Listening Competences 
Types of Stories - Stock Stories, Concealed Stories, & Resistance stories
Crafting new stories
Cultural and context
Counter storytelling
Created with