The Investing Fellowship

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This fellowship is designed for - 
  • Breaking into venture capital, private equity, and trading
  • Learning how to scout potential companies
  • Learning how to value companies
  • Emerging as a thought leader in the investing space
  • Building your brand

The world of investing is a black-box - as an industry it is particularly hard to break into, as a skill it very complex to learn. Through our multiple masterclasses with the best faculty members from the world, we have learnt that understanding investing and breaking into this industry is a combination of art and science, and a lot of practise.
About the fellowship

What will the fellowship include?

Live classes

Conducted by top investors from the world

1:1 mentoring

With faculty members


Cohort of ambitious millennial & GenZ

All fellows who successfully complete the fellowship will receive a certificate and recommendation letter.


The fellowship journey

The fellowship will require 8-12 hours of engagement very week for three weeks. Live sessions with faculty members will be held on the weekends (typical at night IST); and weekdays will require work on live deal, projects, writing assignments, and networking sessions.
  • Practical Insights - All our faculty members will share specific insights and learning from their investing journey. From landing their first stint to their investing thesis. Our sessions will start with a deep-dive on this. 

  • Case Studies - Each faculty member will be break down their most interesting deal end-to-end to give you a thorough understanding of the decision making process that does into investing.

  • Live deals - We have a bias towards action. All fellows will be on actual investing projects with our faculty members. May it be sousing a deal, making your first angel investment, or pitching your venture - we will make it happen.

  • Develop your investing thesis and analyse blue ocean opportunities - Investing is all about having a personal thesis. Every week all fellows will be sharing their learnings and reflection with the world. The network capital platform (and our 100,000+ community members) will amplify and support this. 

  • Networking - peer-learning is crucial. Each week there will be networking and brainstorming sessions for all fellows. The entire Network Capital directory will be accessible for our fellows. 

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