Scaling Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Indian Schools

Swati Rao | Innovation Lead, Atal Innovation Mission
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About this masterclass

Insights from scaling a voluntary community of ‘Mentors of Change'

The experience of organising a digital bootcamp to teach entrepreneurship to Indian students

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Swati Rao

Swati is a Master in Business Administration from Indian School of Business, Class of 2018.

She worked as a Product Manager with a startup, Power2SME for 1.5 years to build products for the B2B E-commerce space. She has since then worked at Government of India’s public policy think tank-NITI Aayog as an Innovation Lead Consultant with Atal Innovation Mission to scale innovation & entrepreneurship across India.

Through her profile as a program manager and Consultant, she has scaled the Atal Tinkering Labs program across 8700 schools in India. While managing the ambitious initiative, she has been at the forefront of creating an impact within the education sector.
Her work involves strategy and framework development, identifying and managing partners, finding opportunities and solutions for complex problems of the country, and finally leading execution of the initiatives on ground.

She led the creation of an ecosystem that has now mobilised an organic movement to bring innovation within school education in India.

She has successfully negotiated partnerships with national and international governments, corporates and foundations to create programs for students to have access to globally relevant skills. Through the work she has done, more than 3,000,000 students now understand 21st century skills.
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