Deconstructing the Human Edge

Dr. Marcus Ranney | Author
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About this masterclass

The grit required to publish a non-fiction popular science book.

Lessons form organising the world’s largest research expedition to the Mt. Everest for doctors.

Understanding human physiology in extreme conditions.

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Dr. Marcus Ranney

Dr. Marcus Ranney’s journey has led him from disease care, at the patient’s bed-side, to wellbeing, in some of the most extreme environments around the planet. Graduating from University College of London Medical School (UCL), his research has taken him to Mt. Everest, the Arctic Circle and the Alps. He has worked with fighter pilots whilst in the Royal Airforce and with astronauts whilst at NASA. Leaving the world of clinical medicine in 2010, his work now looks at the role of wellbeing in society and how technology can be crafted as a force for good. A keynote speaker and global health commentator, he has been a World Economic Forum’s Global Shaper, and more recently, appointed as a Senior Fellow to the Atlantic Council. Marcus is a keen athlete and long-distance marathon runner, also holding a Guinness Record for backwards running, and he most of all describes himself as a young hands-on father intent on making this world a better place for his two children.

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