Taking a Gap Year at Stanford and Building Side Hustle Stack

Lila Shroff
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About this masterclass

The experience of creating Side Hustle Stack and thesis on passion economy 

The regret minimising framework for making complex decisions 

The importance of short-term failures for long-term success

Insights on designing your gap year by following your curiosity 

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Lila Shroff

Lila Shroff is deeply interested in media innovation and is passionate about creating a healthier media ecosystem. Currently, Lila is on a gap year, working as a Research Analyst at Atelier Ventures and building Side Hustle Stack, before starting at Stanford University next fall. She is also spending her gap year as part of the initial cohort at Girlhood* (a new digital media organization by and for girls), working independently on a creative writing project, and was previously a fellow at Splice Beta (Asia's only media startup festival). In the past, Lila has spent her time exploring the intersecting worlds of media and business through internships with the Stanford Technology Ventures Program and Glow.fm (a podcast monetization startup). She has also worked in radio journalism as an Advanced Producer at KUOW's RadioActive, as Student General Manager of KMIH 88.9 The Bridge, and with the Northwest News Network. Learn more about Lila and her work at lilashroff.com.

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