Democratizing Healthcare

Siddhartha Chaturvedi | INSEAD | Microsoft
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Siddhartha C

Ex-ERP & ML Developer, ex-social impactfounder, now focused on commercial strategy and productisation of people-centric health tech, especially with a focus on Cloud, (responsible) AI, Io(M)T, (Meta)Genomics and Robotics.

From building my social impact startup around preventive health to working with mosquitoes as data sensors, one of the industry’s foremost Biomedical NLP models and its applications, to advising IoT / AI startups - I’m exploring how various digital bio markers augment both longitudinal personal data, to population level interventions, with a personal focus on Women’s Health to reduce the intergenerational transfer of disadvantage.

INSEAD MBA 15D | MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp ‘14 
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