Davos Reflections and Shaping Careers Addressing Climate Change 

Karolina Eklöw
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You will learn

  1. What happens at Davos
  2. How you can build a career attempting to solve climate change
  3. Learn the advantages of living abroad and challenging oneself

Karolina Eklöw

Karolina is a Global Shaper based in the Stockholm Hub. She is employed at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)’s program for Climate Change and Risk, focusing on institutional responses to climate-related security risks. There, she is situated between academia and policy, where the translation of scientific findings to decision-making is at heart. Karolina is also a a regional member of the Climate and Environment Action Steering Committee of the Global Shapers Community, and a Future Thinker for the think tank Global Challenges (Global Utmaning) in Stockholm, advising the Council for Economy and Governance. As a Shaper, Karolina was selected to attend the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2020. She has gathered professional experience from China, Australia, Spain, Colombia, Washington D.C and New York as a student, intern and researcher.
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