Voices of Climate Change

Devi Lockwood | Ideas Editor at Rest of World
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About this masterclass

The journey of translating individual stories into a global narrative on climate change

The art of listening and writing compelling stories. 

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Devi Lockwood

Devi Lockwood is the Ideas editor at Rest of World and the author of 1,001 VOICES ON CLIMATE CHANGE, a book published by Simon & Schuster (Tiller Press) on August 24, 2021. Previously she worked as an editor and writer at the New York Times Opinion section. She spent five years traveling in 20 countries on six continents to document 1,001 stories on water & climate change. As a 2018 National Geographic Explorer, she photographed and recorded audio with ArtCirq, an Inuit Arctic performance collective. In 2019 she completed the Graduate Program in Science Writing at MIT. In 2014 Devi graduated Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude from Harvard where she studied Folklore & Mythology, earned a Language Citation in Arabic, and rowed for the Radcliffe Varsity Lightweight Women's Rowing team.

You can read her writing in The New York Times, The Guardian, Slate, The Washington Post, Bicycling Magazine, Yale Climate Connections, and elsewhere.
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