EdTech for the Bottom of the Pyramid

Namya Mahajan and Siddhant Sachdeva
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About this masterclass

Frameworks for scaling accessible and inclusive tech products in India

Building foundational learning and EdTech infratsture on top of WhatsApp in India

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Namya Mahajan

Namya Mahajan is the co-founder of Rocket Learning. She is the former Managing Director, SEWA Cooperative Federation, which serves 106 cooperatives of women workers in India, all part of the informal economy, comprising over 200,000 women. The Federation is now committed to bringing more visibility to women’s cooperatives, helping them grow and scale sustainably, and connecting them to the digital economy. Namya led SEWA’s work on a platform co-op for beauty workers in Ahmedabad, which was a pilot group of the Platform Co-op Development Kit.

Siddhant Sachdeva

Siddhant Sachdeva is a social entrepreneur and co-founder of Rocket Learning, an ed-tech non-profit impacting a million low-income children in India. Rocket Learning partners with central and state governments at scale in India to support ECCE and foundation learning for 3-8 year olds. Their innovations in promoting early learning have been profiled in Harvard Business School, UNESCO and Forbes case studies, researched by MIT-JPAL and Brookings, and awarded by MIT Solve and the WEF. Siddhant leads the operations and behaviour change verticals within Rocket Learning. In 2022, Siddhant was awarded in the Business World Social Impact Leaders list for his efforts in the social impact space.

Siddhant comes from a family of first generation entrepreneurs with his mother running an affordable private pre-school in Indore, which inspired him to enter education as a field and start Rocket Learning. Prior to starting Rocket Learning, Siddhant was a Project Leader in the Boston Consulting Group's (BCG) India and Indonesia offices, having led large scale transformation projects in the financial services and industrial goods space. Siddhant has completed his MBA from IIM Calcutta, where he specialized in social entrepreneurship and also completed a dual degree in Masters in International Management from University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Siddhant also holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from IIT Delhi.

Siddhant frequently writes and speaks in prominent publications (News18, Edindia, CSF Edge). In his spare time, he voraciously reads the fantasy/sci-fi genre, plays squash and dabbles in playing the piano.
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