Book Discussion: 'Bare Necessities’ 

Sahar Mansoor & Tim de Ridder
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About this masterclass

Insights from writing India's first Zero Waste Book

Nuances of collaboration across culture and time-zones.

The art of combing lived experiences with practical guide for a zero-waste life.

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Bare Necessities: How to Live a Zero-Waste Life Book

In this world full of plastic and chemical waste, how can you help save the planet?

Did you know that there will be more plastic than fish in our seas by 2050? Did you know that it takes 20,000 litres of water to make a pair of jeans? Did you know that we have a massive food wastage problem, and yet millions die of hunger each day?  

Bare Necessities is your one-stop guide on how to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle in India. Filled with activities, insights, recipes, tips and how-to guides, it is a must-read for anyone wanting to make a positive change in their life and to our environment. 

Sahar Mansoor

Sahar Mansoor is founder and CEO of Bare Necessities, a zero-waste social enterprise, she is a circular economy nerd, voracious learner and curious traveller.

Sahar has gained accredited degrees on environmental topics in India, the US and England, becoming a University of Cambridge alumni. Moreover she has volunteered in Guatemala, Jamaica and the Democratic Republic of Congo on various humanitarian projects

Her business produces zero-waste personal care, lifestyle, home care and educational products and services, including an online sustainability course, 'zero waste in 30'. Sahar's time volunteering at the World Health Organization in Geneva and SELCO Foundation, on implementing decentralized renewable energy projects, in rural Karnataka, has enabled her to successfully grow Bare Necessities from the ground up. Highlighted by recognition from Google India, Al Jazeera Stream, NDTV, Vogue, Elle, Femina, India Today magazines among others

Sahar has a 500 gram jar of waste that she brings to workshops that she runs on sustainable living, which is all the waste she has produced in the past 5 years. She is looking forward to sharing her tips on living a zero-waste lifestyle with you. 

Tim de Ridder

Tim de Ridder began his environmental career in Australia, prior to moving to South East and South Asia. He has organized a wide range of workshops on sustainability, with a focus on the circular economy, the creation of an online education course on waste in India and community engagement initiatives in Cambodia and Malaysia.

He has also written widely on environmental topics, including a research paper on the livelihoods of low-income communities and the benefits of carbon farming for indigenous Australians.

Bare Necessities is the second book he has authored after his self-published Tales from the Roadside, a memoir about a solo bicycle trip across Europe that connected him to the world in profound ways.
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