Addressing India's Educational Inequity with Data and Empathy

Anushri Alva
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You will learn

  1. How to understand education inequity in India from a holistic lens 
  2. How to work with different stakeholders in the education space 
  3. How to carve out a meaningful career doing something you truly care about

Anushri Alva

As the Adhyayan Foundation CEO and founding team member, Anushri is responsible for creating the strategic vision for the organization, developing and overseeing implementation of programmes across 827 government schools in Goa and 5000+ schools in Delhi, building relationships with potential donors and partners, and overseeing the overall functioning of the organization.

She has been an educator for the past 10 years. Having completed a Master’s in Education from Columbia University, she has a wide range of experience in education. She developed and headed the education program at Sanctuary for Families in New York, working with the New York City Government on supporting survivors of gender violence become economically independent.

Having a keen interest in education in the context of violence, she has worked with refugees populations as well as students in areas of violence through her work with the International Rescue Committee and Global Nomads Group in New York. Anushri also coordinated the Working Group on Peace, Conflict and Education, an interdisciplinary research consortium at Columbia University in New York. She worked as a Teach for India Fellow in 2010, teaching grades 3 and 4 in an underserved community in Pune.

Anushri has been a Co-Chair for Human Rights and Education Colloquium: A collaborative project connecting scholars from Columbia University and New York University.She is the Co-Founder of Burma Connect, an Independent Student Group now known as Connecting Myanmar at the University of Hong Kong.
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