Scaling Consumer Brands

Aarti Kochhar Kaji, Co-Founder of Taali (YC W19)
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The art and science of scaling consumer brands

Insights on sustainability and branding for consumer products

Nuances of couples who work

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Aarti Kochhar Kaji

Aarti and Aditya fell in love with water lily pops all the way back in school. This love for the snack followed them into college. The husband-and-wife team shared their ‘pop’ romance with their friends, classmates, and professors too. They’d pop ‘em at home and share the little goodies on campus. This was the start of it all.
​They were onto something… They started small. They kept it simple. Salted was the first flavor, but a lot more would follow.
​The aim was always to give people a wholesome snack that they’d love both while consuming it and later too, sans any guilt. After researching and examining numerous flavors and grades of water lily seeds, they finally identified five flavors and the best-quality ingredients that worked, and Taali was born.
​Since that moment, Aarti and Aditya have worked hard to ensure the Taali supply chain is sustainable and the ingredients are 100% natural. And given the fact that these two young founders have no prior food or entrepreneurship experience, we can imagine the effort they have had to put in to make Taali the delicious reality it is today.
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