College Readiness Program

Congratulations on getting in. We are proud to see our community members at the most distinguished universities around the world. As you celebrate your well-deserved success, take a moment to reflect on how far you have come from when you started your application journey. 

Now is the time to take action to plan your next steps. Network Capital’s College Readiness Program is an invite-only mentorship module offered to subscribers who hold offers from reputed universities. The goal is to prepare them for the journey ahead. 
College preparation starts the day you get your offer letter. The candidates who get most value out of their degree are ones who think how they want to spend their time. The program has the following modules:
  • Building a network in the country/region of your university.
  • Introductions to top industry leaders who can possibly offer internships and jobs.
  • Planning for next degree and steps required for successful application.
  • Cultural fluency. Universities abroad have different rules and norms of engagement. You can’t expect to take the local mindset to a global playing field.
  • Insights on what not to do. You have limited time in university. If you participate in everything, you are likely to burn out. We will help you decide what to pursue and what to avoid.
  • Planning for next degree and steps required for successful application.

Who will you speak to?

  • Other successful applicants who have established solid careers in industry and academia
  • Top professors across US & Europe
  • Industry leaders 

What will you get?

  • Insights to crack coveted internships, academic positions and jobs
  • A world class network with specific introductions to people who can guide you
  • Mentorship, interview preparation
The cost of the program is 5000 USD. You will be spending a large amount on your college fee. This investment will help you make the most out of your time abroad. 
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