The Most Resilient Professions During COVID -19

This article comes from Artur Meyster , who is the CTO of Career Karma - a Y Combinator backed startup. He is a self taught software engineer and also the founder and host of Breaking into Startups, a podcast platform where they feature inspiring stories of people who broke into tech from non-traditional backgrounds. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has been around for some time and may likely continue raging months later. Amid this pandemic, people require a resource to survive and pay bills. In April, WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic.

According to the UN, it is expected that about 200 million full-time employees lose their job due to the pandemic. But this narrative is different for some industries. We are going to discuss some resilient jobs that were unshaken as a result of the pandemic. Some on this list even thrived.

Data Analysts

The field of data analyst has even become more significant since the pandemic started. The data collected during this pandemic became voluminous. And it became too difficult for doctors and politicians to interpret.

Data analytics organise and standardise a large volume of information, find clues, identify patterns and reoccurrence, and make predictions. They present data in a manner that anyone can easily understand. As a result, health workers would be able to make a decision. 

Data analysts are in high demand. Because in these times of uncertainty, they would help evaluate the effective strategies through available data. Data analysis is at the core of setting up policies that can help mitigate the spread of the virus.

Data Scientists

Tough times prove our worth. The pandemic is one of those times, and data science more than ever has proven to be relevant. When listing employees that might likely lose their job, a data scientist would not be on the list.

Applying data science has, in so many ways, refine the approaches towards COVID-19 safety. The following are contributions of data science during the pandemic that boost their worth significantly:
  • Influencing decisions and policies
  • Measuring the effectiveness of medical solutions
  • Eliminating misinformation
  • Helping with easy contact tracing

Web Developers

Being a web developer amid this pandemic comes with various advantages. Due to the increasing need to adhere to social distancing rules, it has become necessary to work remotely. And a web developer can conveniently fit into these new rules. 

Web development means the process of building a website, which includes implementation and hosting on the Internet. Due to the pandemic, people were prevented from going out, leading to increased online shopping. Stores and businesses that did not have an online store before the emergence of COVID - 19 started seeking a web developer's expertise to create one. Private practicing web developers made a lot of money during this pandemic.

During the pandemic, web developers were in high demand by marketing companies, restaurants, and many others. And it was occasioned by the fact that activities significantly shifted online. So while they were laying off their physical staff, they were also recruiting web developers to help them meet the new trend. Indeed this is one of the most resilient jobs during this pandemic.

The following are a few advantages of being a web developer:
  • They are in high demand.
  • Handsome remuneration
  • The privilege to work remotely
  • It improves your intellectual power and creativity
  • It is a job for the future


Design started as a branch of marketing, like other creative services. When COVID-19 hit the world, it was logical for companies to cut costs by laying off staff, but the narrative wasn’t the same for designers or any other creative industries. According to data from the Bureau of Communication, the design industry contributed AU $ 42.8 billion in 2018.

It was relatively easy for designers to adjust to the pandemic changes because they can work remotely, and they are mainly entrepreneurs.

Being a designer can offer you the following advantage:
  • Ability to work in any industry: this advantage will increase your chance of gaining employment even during a pandemic because your role isn't streamlined to a particular sector.
  • You can work in multiple environments: being a designer means you can do multiple jobs. You can be a freelance designer while you work for a company. During the pandemic, most designers that lost their jobs resorted to freelancing, and it was so easy to adjust because it has been their side hustle.
  • You can't be bored: social activities reduce as a result of movement restrictions during the pandemic. There was an increase in the suicide rate and depression. There is never a dull moment for designers because there is always a new trend to follow and new designs to learn.
  • An avenue for expressing yourself: designers have the advantage of expressing themselves regularly. And it's fun when your job doesn't present so many constraints, and your creativity is appreciated.

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