Digital Cravings by Piyush Bhandari

Public Speaking Fellow

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Introducing Piyush

Product manager with customer-obsessed and data-centric work ethic serving as a bridge between business and technical worlds to deliver world-class experiences from conception to launch. Strengths include being able to dissect customer requirements via data-analysis & user studies, formulate business strategy via market research, innovative product design, and drive execution across cross-disciplinary teams like Sales, Marketing, Operations & Engineering.

With an eye for innovation and an eternal love for defining and implementing products, Piyush believes that it is our responsibility to bring tech to consumers in a responsible manner. As a promoter and firm believer in technology, he intend to build products that prove to have a positive impact on the lives of users.

In his free time he'll either be available at the Table tennis room or at the Waffle shop. Being an avid thinker, he is available any time for arguments on abstract topics ranging from Freud's theories to creationism vs evolution. 

This talk was a part of the Public Speaking Fellowship 

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