Ambiguity to Opportunity by Phani Chaturvedula

Public Speaking Fellow

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Introducing Phani

Phani Chaturvedula is a Managing Director at Ernst & Young LLP , USA in their Data and analytics technology consulting practice. He has over 20+ years of consulting experienced in building data solutions that help clients differentiate their product and service offerings. His advisory focus areas include use of digital and data technologies for transforming business processes in the  financial services sector. He is also responsible for developing go-to market strategy, people management and talent acquisition.  

His additional interests include mentoring and coaching to the aspiring graduate students on leveraging technology for building differentiated services and products. One of his published papers include “Make in India: Financing manufacturing through crowdfunding and crowdsourcing model”.  He is also a speaker and panelist at the annual Ross Asia and India business conferences  at University of Michigan, USA. He is the executive sponsor and judge on EY sponsored “Datathon” student competitions at the university level.  

Phani did his Bachelor of Engineering from NIT Jaipur (India) and obtained MBA from Ross School of Business, University Michigan with a focus on General Management and Strategy. 

This talk was a part of the Public Speaking Fellowship

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