Lakshmana Rao

PM Your Career with Lakshmana Rao

PM Fellow | Cohort I
I really enjoy working with customers to understand their pain points and figure out how to solve them. As a business development consultant one of things that I enjoyed the most was to work closely with customers to understand their business problems and see how we could solve them using the products or services offered by our company.

I did my major in petroleum engineering and geology. I started my career as a software developer at Infosys Limited. after three months training, I was asked to move to middle east to work as business analyst for oil and gas projects. I thought my role was more to do with the domain knowledge. However, after the requirement gathering phase I was asked to work as a developer. During this time, I got command on my technical skills and lead various projects for oil and gas clients in the Middle East for almost three years.  Then I applied for analytics consultant role in Infosys consulting and I took the offer and joined the team and worked on major data lake products for a telecom companies in Australia and NZ.   

This is where I got to enhance my client relationship skills and articulate my POV.  I handled this role for almost 2 years. During this phase I got an opportunity to work with sales teams and I was so curious about business development executive role.  I applied for portfolio consultant role in internal job posting and cleared the assessment.  It has been a year in this role, and I wanted to continue work on this role for one more year. I am looking for an opportunity where I can own a product and bring people together for a common purpose. For next couple of months I wanted to figure out whether product management role is best fit. 
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