First Followers Fellowship

A cohort-based educational fellowship for next-gen gender diverse first-time fund managers.
Ventures led by women are more profitable than men-led, yet they raise only 2.3% of venture funding.

First Followers wants to become a launching pad for women First Time Fund Managers (FTFMs) who naturally see the power of ventures led by women and can yield 10-20% higher ROIs on AUM than all-male fund manager teams.
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Total Length of the fellowship program: 9 weeks
# Modules: 9 
Frequency: 1-3 modules / week
Format: 2 hours session with 1 hour of the workshop on the module and 1 hour of Q&A discussion.

9 blocks fund model canvas

Investment Thesis / Fund Thesis, Portfolio Construction, Fund Economics, Target Profile - Entrepreneurs & LPs, Unfair Advantage, Purpose & Story, & Team, Fund Structure, and Process - Fund & Portfolio Level

Credibility/ Signalling

By being selected by a recognised team of private experts and benefits from and expertise of the Angel investing ecosystem


By being regularly featured and presented in dedicated GLI, FTFMs, Angels, and LP media and events


Share the experience with like-minded gender-diverse FTFMs

India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore

2-3 cohort members – per country
6-9 cohort members in total
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