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It is the propensity of things to turn into their complete opposites. This happens typically when too much of one thing leads to the rise of its own antithesis.

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Introduced by Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, Enantiodromia is the process of emergence of unconscious opposites over the course of time. In an almost karmic manner, Enantiodromia is simply too much of one thing leading to emergence of its own opposite.

The modern celebrations of workplace positivity are a case in point.

In the 2010s, with bright walls, cheerful quotes and an obligatory upbeat attitude, a new work culture emerged. As start-ups and coworking spaces grew beyond limited hubs like the Silicon Valley this culture expanded across the world. Overtime it intensified so much that today it has been overcome with a toxic culture of forced happiness. What started as an attempt to improve mental health and optimism at the work place has now become a cause for stress and new forms of mental health issues.Just like we need moderation in the workplace attitude, we need a balance to overcome Enantiodromia. This is based on the idea of maintaining equilibrium in the world. It is the process of embracing the extremes of a whole to prevent it from becoming a case of Enantiodromia.
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