The Complete Guide to Columbia Business School Applications

Every year multiple Network Capital subscribers make it to Columbia for their MBA. Today we have a thriving Network Capital subgroup in New York

As a Network Capital subscriber, this will be your five-pronged application strategy for Columbia Business School. 

Step I: Watch Masterclasses

Start by going through the following masterclasses and podcasts 

Step II: Join weekly MBA Bootcamp

We host a weekly 1:1 and small group sessions to go over different components of the applications. Through these session we help applicants identify their Category of One (as written by Utkarsh Amitabh, the founder of Network Capital in his Harvard Business Review article) and craft their application. 

As a part of the bootcamp you get access to - 
  1. Weekly sessions that help you perfect and craft every minute component of your application. 
  2. Live support for review and feedback on your application. 
  3. A time-bound assignment-based application structure that helps you finish your application in time. 

Step III: Receive 1:1 mentoring to perfect your application

We host 1:1 mentoring or office hours everyday from 6pm to 10 pm (IST). As a subscriber you can book as frequently as you like

In these office hours you will personalised feed on your CV and essays. The 100+ Network Capital CBS alums will testify to the power of our office hours.

Step IV: Connect with alums and prepare for your interview

To add final touches to your application and get guidance for the interview, you have complete support from the entire NC-New York subgroup

Step V: Join the NC New York Subgroup

Connect with the city-leader for New York and find the Network Capital subgroup waiting for you as you embark upon your MBA adventure at Columbia.

Ready to start your MBA application journey?

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