Aashish Manchanda

PM your Career with Aashish

PM Fellow | Cohort I
So currently I’m a Product Designer but before this I used to have this design studio back when I was in college. Those days, I expanded the studio based on what came in front of me. I was never looking forward to making it my business but I was making loads of money out of it and that too in college was a big thing for me. But what I’ve realized is that no matter what people say about these foundational courses, they make a huge difference in your actions.

My WHAT? WHY? WHEN? And HOW? never came to me and they did, I never realized in the heat of the moment and went through it.
In the last 2 sessions with Santosh and Bhanu, I’ve learnt a few amazing life lessons and those are not just applicable to the PM, they apply to how you deal with your daily tasks. I came across few new tools to play with and met awesome people in my team.In my career so far, I haven’t experienced much but I hope to see much of it as I’m just starting off (I’m 21 and into my first job).

I joined this fellowship just to experience new things and meet great people and I had no intention of breaking into PM or something like that but now I think I have.
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