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1. Weekly matches & conversations enabled by the Serendipity Tool.
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2. Cohort-Based Fellowships to enable outcome driven learning.

Frequently asked questions

What is Network Capital?

Network Capital is a subscription-enabled career content community for those interested in building a meaningful career and a powerful network. While the Network Capital experience for each subscriber is unique and tailored for their requirements, some popular use-cases for Network Capital are - 
1. Applications for top B-Schools and Masters programmes. 
2. Mentoring for making crucial career decisions. 
3. Support and guidance for career transitions and pivots.
4. Cohort-Based Fellowships with learning, upskilling, and personal development. 
5. Verified and trusted community for professional growth and networking through online and offline events, subgroups, and 1:1 connections.

Who is Network Capital for?

Network Capital is for anyone who is interesting in taking their career to the next level. Subscribers use Network Capital for long-term career planning by achieving short-term goals.

Our members are largely between the ages of 10 to 35. However, the youngest member is 8, and the oldest is 75. We are not geographically bound; our members are spread across 104 countries.

How can I make the most out of my subscription? Where do I start?

While there is no one way in which people use Network Capital; a helpful rule of thumb is to -
1. Block 2 hours every week to grow through our content - newsletter, masterclass, and podcasts. 
2. Enrol in our cohort-based fellowship to augment your personal development. 
3. Sign up for a networking session via The Serendipity Tool.
4. Tune into our weekly (online & offline) events. 
5. Join relevant subgroups to stay updated in your areas of interest/geography. 

We strongly believe in the power of getting 1% better every day - all of our content and services are designed with this principle in mind.

How can I connect with other community members?

You can post on the community forum or subgroups. You can also meet other members through online and offline events - The Serendipity Tool is a great option. 

How many mentoring sessions can I book? Who will be my mentor?

You can book as many sessions as you would like.  Each mentoring session is for 15 minutes and is held everyday from 6pm to 9pm (IST). We match our mentor-mentee pairs based on the mentees requirements and mentor availability.

You can receive mentoring from anyone who has created content for Network Capital. All you have to do is - watch their masterclass/podcast and then book a mentoring session. 
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